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The Gatekeeper​ Smart Greeting System

A simple, but so smart, solution for any Haunted Attraction. 

Connect The Gatekeeper to your sound system or powered speakers via it's standard-size 1/8" output, and give your attraction a professional voice. Stunning CD quality sound, with major theme park sound, 



In Manual Mode

Place or mount The Gatekeeper near the entry of your Haunted Attraction, Trail or Hayride. When your ticket-taker admits a group of patrons, the simple push of a button plays a professionally recorded voice-actor, greeting your guests and outlining a list of attraction rules.


Hands Free

When switched to MOTION mode, The Gatekeeper's greeting is played automatically when it's onboard infrared Body/Motion Sensor Module detects patrons entering it's line of sight. Position The Gatekeeper in an entry-way or "holding area" for an automated greeting. The Gatekeeper's sensor works in any lighting conditions.


Always Armed

After playing the selected greeting message (in any mode), The Gatekeeper automatically self-resets and is instantly ready for the next patron(s). No resetting, and no fatiqued staff. 


Selectable Length

Having a frightfully busy night? Want to move patrons into your attraction faster? The Gatekeeper includes 2 Track lengths. A longer "Full Length" 1:30+ track, and a :30 second greeting, welcoming guests, referencing your posted rules, and granting them entry to the attraction.


Many Voices and Versions

Listen to the demo tracks to the right, and select the voice best suited for your attraction. At checkout, Select whether your attraction is a Haunted House, Hayride, or Trail for an even more customized experience. 


Stunning Sound

The Gatekeeper uses Wav and OGG Vorbis file formats, for uncompromising digital sound quality, far surpassing that of MP3. 


Fully Customizable

Have your own voice-artist, or a more custom message you'd like to use? Easily load your own tracks onto The Gatekeeper!


Easily Mobile

Connect The Gatekeeper's micro USB to a rechargeable USB power pack or emergency phone charger. The Gatekeeper runs on <8 volts, making it simple for most USB batteries to power The Gatekeeper for a looooong time.


An amazing first impression. Every. Single. Time. 

Voice Options

Listen to demos below and select the voice that best suits your attraction. At checkout, you can select "Standard" Haunted House tour, or specify a Hayride, or Trail. 

Creepster Voice - Short Version

Buy The Gatekeeper - Creepster

Creepster - Demo | Hayride

Buy The Gatekeeper - Creepster

Creepster - Demo | Hayride

Buy The Gatekeeper - Creepster

Creepster - Demo | Hayride

Buy The Gatekeeper - Creepster

Creepster - Demo | Hayride

Buy The Gatekeeper - Creepster


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