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Haunterview, Doug Waterbury, Halloweekends at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park

Oct. 1, 2012

We "chopped it up" with Doug Waterbury, owner/operator of the new Halloweekends at Sylvan Beach...

What gave you the idea to create a Haunted Attraction out of Sylvan Beach?

It has all the elements in place, parking, restrooms, food & beverage, name recognition, it was all in place… It was a no-brainer to follow the lead of other “scream parks” who’ve done the same. Our edge though is the history of the park. It’s an old time park and after the sun sets, it definitely has a creepy-carnival aspect.

I can see that. The park dates well back into the 1880’s, I’ve heard rumors that the park is haunted. Is there any truth to that?

The Former Royal Hotel

That's an Interesting question. Yes. There are 3 documented ghosts on the property of people who actually lived and worked on the property many years ago. All kinds of “interesting” things have happened to our park employees as well as guests & people in the community. There have been sightings, and all sorts of paranormal interactions. There is a ghost named “Jack”, who was a maintenece worker on the property many years ago, he lived in the old “Royal Hotel” which we also operate now as Yesterdays Royal Restaurant & Bar (next to the midway). A paranormal investigation organization with a television program has been in contact and expressed interest in the property, and in looking into what kind of activity is going on. We’re kind of excited about it.

You’ve owned the park for a few years now, how long have you planning to do this?

The concept was there years ago. We’ve been planning the event for a little over a year, with the execution taking place over the last 6 months We are putting the finishing touches on right down.

Tell us about the main Hau