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Haunterview: Cody Snyder, Frightmare Farms

Cody Snyder, Creative Art Director of Frightmare Farms

Sept. 24, 2013

After a night of scares at your favorite Haunted Attraction, most people jump in the car and giggle about how much fun it was, and who was the biggest baby. When done well, it's an exhilarating, interactive theatrical experience that plays on our fear, and touches on all senses, LIVE and up-close. But have you ever left a Haunted Attraction, and felt like you just peeked into the window of a genius madman? One where the detail far outweighed the cost, and you knew, even though we hate to part with our pennies, someone poured a piece of their soul in that place.

Meet Cody Snyder. Creative Art Directer for Frightmare Farms, and all around purveyor of all things frightening.

When did you first begin making masks and experimenting with horror makeup?

I actually just very recently got into mask making. I've always wanted to, but working at Frightmare Farms was what finally gave me the push. I've been sculpting for a few years though, mainly small scale one of a kind pieces. Horror makeup on the other had, I've been doing that for as long as I can remember.

You’re the Creative Art Director at the Frightmare Farms haunted attraction (Last

Editors Pick for Best Haunted Attraction), how did you connect with them? Internet, what a wonderful thing it is! I had an ad up offering to do zombie makeup for people's Halloween parties, Trick or Treating, whatever it may be. I ended up getting an email from Frightmare Farms asking if I'd be interested in coming out to help with makeup. The rest is history!

Before Frightmare Farms, what did you do that honed your talent to this level? I've always been into movie magic, makeup effects and prop making. I've spent countless hours reading, studying photos, reference pictures and other people's work. I've also befriended a lot of other makeup artists and people