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Haunterview: 13th Hour Rising Hayride

Oct. 1, 2014

We had a chance to catch up with a couple veteran haunters, at their newest attraction, 13th Hour Rising, a hayride in Fulton, NY. Meet the owners Hauntreprenial Productions. Terri Eggert and Fred Mellini. Terrie and Fred helped create the Screamer's Hollow Hayride in Sterling, NY, that was voted "Best Haunted Hayride" by our secret shoppers in 2013, Terri and Fred are no strangers to scares.

How did you first get in the business of scaring people?

Terri Eggert:

Halloween was always my favorite holiday. I became a home haunter when I was young, back in the 80s. It was a free thing as my house my father helped me, I built caskets and dummies, my nephews and nieces would hide and scare people, my mother would bake cookies, it was great. It became huge to where cars would be wrapped around the block, and the newspaper came and did a front page story about me in the Sunday paper. That news story lead to my being hired at Chengerians as a Director for what would become " Chengerians At Halloween". I ran there for 13 years with two live events until we closed in 2006. I was then hired as the Creative Director for" Screamers Hollow' - in Sterling NY, for 7 years until this spring ( 2014) where Myself and Fred Mellini -fiance and business partner, were approached to become Co / Owners By Chengerians at a brand new Location...."13TH HOUR RISING" - HAYRIDES! Our vision is to grow this event into a long term location and a multi level event!!

Fred Mellini:

I started many years ago with a home haunt in Seneca Falls. We had a 60x40 tent in the front yard animatronics and lots of scares. We'd get like 400 people on Halloween night and the news came, newspapers etc brought attention to it, and I was approached by the owner of the now closed Seneca Falls church, who asked if we wanted to do a haunt there, to benefit the Cancer Patients of the Fingerlakes. We had a successful haunt there for 7 years, known as The Seneca Falls Haunted House. Having then retired from the police department, I was hired by Screamers Hollow in Sterling NY as the art Director. That later evolved into a Directors position aside Terrie Eggert, that ran for 7 years. I left there in the spring of 2014 to pursue co-ownership.