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Grimsley's Gorge Haunted Walk

New Location: Sweet Memorial Building 455 Main Street Phoenix, NY 1313

2021Dates & Hours of Operation:

10/22 -10/23 (Fri / Sat) & 10/29 - 10/31 (Fri thru Sun)

Type of Event or Business:

Haunted Attraction


Many decades ago, Dr. Grimsley had a small medical practice just off main street in the village. Although some of his methods were considered strange, they seemed to be effective. As time went on he developed new theory’s and procedures which caused many mutations, deformities, mental illnesses, and in several cases…Death! Still convinced he would find cures for all that ailed the local villagers, he pressed on trying even more extreme tests and longer trials on his patients. Many medical experts in the area whispered of his unorthodox ways, considering them barbaric in nature, teetering on sadistic. Throughout the following years he slowly began to go mad with his ever-increasing failure of being able to cure the sick. He eventually closed his practice and disappeared.

Not long after the Dr. Grimsleys demise residents mysteriously began to go missing with no explanations as to how or why. But the locals had their own theory. Rumors spread that the Doctor retired to his estate just outside of town and continued to practice “his” medicine. Many believe that he transformed his mansion into some kind of Sanatorium for those he deemed in need of his twisted cures.

On dark, windless nights one could hear screams coming from the mansion in the distance and some have claimed to have seen unknown creatures lurking around the grounds. Most people don’t dare go near this place however, there are some that let their curiosity get the best of them. Wandering deep into the Gorge, they planned to sneak onto the grounds, hoping to get a glimpse of the Doctor and what his mansion walls have kept secret for so long. Many brave souls have embarked on this quest and only few have returned. Those that survived are forever changed, broken, trembling in fear and murmuring to stay away to what the locals refer to as Grimsleys Gorge!

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