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RIP: CNY Haunts NOT opening for 2015

Sadly, you may have noticed the conspicuous absence of a few haunts from our annual listings. They're all great attractions in their own right. As of writing this, we can't confirm whether any of these will be returning for 2016. Don't shoot the messenger!

I think I speak for the entire community when I say, we wish them all a speedy recovery, and hope we can look forward to their return in the future (next year?!) bigger and better than ever!

Comment below to share your thoughts.

1. CMC's Haunted House

This season CMC's won't be opening their famously awesome Haunted House. Last year they won our "Best Boo-for-your-Buck" award, for the amazing entertainment value they've been able to pack into an evening.

Posted 8/20 to the CMC's Facebook page:

"To All of Our CMC Haunted House families, friends and patrons.... We regret to inform you that due to our construction and renovation project we will be canceling our Haunted House for 2015. We have truly enjoyed the past 13 years and thank everyone who have helped to create and support one of the best Haunted Houses in the area! We are hoping to be back bigger and better than ever in future.... Stay tuned!"

Due to their awesome scares & great location, CMC's was very popular, and very packed. I suspect they'll be back even bigger and better. Maybe even with multiple attractions and/or a full-fledge commercial haunt. Take that with a grain of salt of course!


2. Cannizzo's Fright Fest

Canizzo's was a great Home-Haunt attraction. Not only was it FREE, but it packed a big punch, winning our 2013 "Best Home Haunt" award. We don't yet know why they aren't opening this year, but let's hope it's nothing serious. I have a hard time believing Kevin Cannizzo can quit haunting cold-turkey. If you've ever been to his awesome haunt, you'd likely agree.