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Haunterview: The Abandoned

Sept. 9, 2015

We had a chance to kick it with Ken Pollisse, one of the creators of "The Abandoned", a non-profit haunted house benefitting the Canastota Fire Department.

A past Scarycuse award winner in the Non-profit category, our secret-shoppers found the Abandoned to be lots of fun, and longer than expected, with some very creative costumes...

You mentioned 6 core people who have played important roles in bringing the

haunt to life... Who are those main-crew members?

The six core people are firemen Mark Polisse, Mike Dwyer; and volunteers Bonnie

Dwyer, Ken Polisse, Mike Rapasadi, Laki Terzidis. Mark Polisse introduced the idea of the haunted attractions as a fundraiser back in 2002 (when the Canastota Volunteer Fire Department Haunted House originally began). He remained President of the fire department committee for the haunted house for the first 6 years while it ran, and upon its return in 2013, 2014. This year Mike Dwyer has stepped into the role of president. Bonnie Dwyer handles all of our front-end duties and manages our team of volunteers working ticket sales, concessions, while coordinating with area non-profits for weekly bake sales, which have included local school sports teams, and dance teams. Mike Rapasadi has been with the haunt since its re-opening as one of our head prop builders. The last two seasons we haven’t been really heavy on our props after working to get back up and running, but this year we are looking to introduce some

new things that those attending haven’t seen from us before. Mike will play a huge role in bringing these pieces of Phobia to life for us. Laki Terzidis and myself tackle scene design and costume ideas. Throughout the year the two of us discuss characters, scenes and detail work for the upcoming haunts. I create the floor plan, which changes every year so the walk through doesn’t get stale, while Laki focuses on more the detail items that go into the scenes.

Who comes up with concepts for most of the scares & startles?

Front Butcher at The Abandoned

This year we’ve ta