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The 2015 Scarycuse OSCARE Awards Announcements

10/29/15 -

Congratulations to Cayo Industrial Horror Realm! Our secret-shoppers ranked your attraction #1 among all Haunted Attractions in Central New York! Cayo proved it has it's very own lane, with a theme richly detailed in post-apocalyptic scenes and relentless scares, Cayo was described as INTENSE by multiple secret-shoppers in their own words. The scare-actors at Cayo had the highest number of "Love their Jobs" compliments as well. They showed their passion, whether they were scurrying across a filthy floor, or ravenously eating a fetus. The blood and gore at Cayo was aplenty, but never gratuitous, and genuine startles & scares lurked around every corner. The average "Appropriate for" age reported by secret-shoppers was 13+, with some even suggesting Cayo is only appropriate for an audience over 18. Congratulations from for earning the recognition BEAST OF CUSE for 2015.


Congratulations 13th Hour Rising! Our secret-shoppers named your attraction best Haunted Hayride in Central New York. Although this is just your 2nd year as 13th Hour Rising, what the CNY community may not know, is that your pedigree runs many decades deep, with past Haunted Attractions in both CNY and Seneca Falls. Your custom creations are noteworthy, but according to surveys, what likely put you over the edge in a very close match, was your ability to get guests to let their guard down with campy NON scary moments. These were often immediately followed by jump-scares and startles! Well played.


Congratulations Frightmare Farms! A sizeable number of attraction visitors report loving haunted trails the best, over indoor Haunted Houses and Hayrides. Hence the new category. Our secret-shoppers named Frightmare Farms' Condemned Mine Trail Experience unequivocally their favorite Haunted trail in Central New York. From the impeccable actor's greeting to the foreboding walk down a mine-shaft, The Condemned Mine Trail puts a new and original spin on the classic and loved Haunted Trail.