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Haunterview: Cayo Industrial Horror Realm


Among Central New York's many Haunted Attractions, a few stand out a bit above the rest as fall-time-favorites. They've become a go-to activity for many during the Halloween season, and have garnered dedicated, large followings of the not so faint-of-heart.

Utica's Cayo Industrial Horror Realm fits this description like a glove.

The brainchild of Joshua Reale, a scarily-creative genius, Cayo is quite unlike any Haunted Attraction you may have visited before. Housed in an old building in a dank industrial district on Broad St. in Utica, entering any of the 4 attractions immerses you into a parallel universe. Anything that may have been on your mind before, is gone. Now you must survive! :-)

Congratulations on winning TWO Scarycuse awards last year!

Thank you! It was a team effort.

Of all your attractions, which was everyone's favorite attraction last year?

Last year, 2015, I managed to get Archana Asylum opened to a late start, but that one seemed to have the most attention. It was a new event and also on a different floor of the warehouse, above ground instead of underground like the others.