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Scarycuse Real Hauntings: Split Rock Quarry - Syracuse, NY

Split Rock Quarry, Real Haunted Syracuse


Haunted Attractions are great, but who doesn't like to explore REAL paranormal places..' We sure do!

Most "real haunted" places only carry a local "legend" or tales that's been passed down over time... Not Split Rock. As the official sign memorializes, 50 men were killed here in 1918 when a TNT munitions plant exploded. Walking the twisting roads leading to the plant at dusk is a bit unnerving. Entering the tunnel, is even better... Or worse, depending on your mindset.

Upon arrival

Before dusk, on September 6, 2016, we pulled up to a blocked-road with one other car parked there. We weren't alone. Although it was blocked, I don't recall any No-trespassing sign, so we parked and proceeded on foot, walking up the old winding road full of cracks, weeds and satanic grafitti.

On the way, we could hear a few voiced that sounded like teenaged girls in the distance off the path. Sounded like they were partying in the woods somewhere.We just kept walking, seeking out the famed "rock crusher" we'd seen in pictures of the abandoned quarry.

"The Crusher"

Standing around 3 stories high, in the middle of an abandonded area, it doesn't disappoint. It would be creepy even if there wasn't such a tragic history tied to it. But there is. When wefirst saw it, there were 3 teenagers, smoking weed, and arguing abouthiw much $ Simon Cowel form American Idol is worth. As funny as that sounds, it definitely removed a lot of the spooky vibe we all wanted. These guys were just chilling at their regular spot, getting high, and exibiting zero fear.