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2019 Summer News

Frightmare Farms Countdown and Latest Feature...

In case you live under a rock all summer when it comes to all things Halloween, some of CNY's favorite haunters have been prepping for the Halloween season, and sharing

One of upstate NY's top haunt destinations has started counting down to Halloween! Every day Frightmare Farms is sharing freaky facts, and we can't get enough.

Go follow their Facebook page and join in the fun!

In other FMF news, on their website, they've unveiled a new attraction called The 7th Barn. At this point we're not sure if it's a full attraction with admission, or a feature as part of The Condemned Mine Trail. Either way, we're stoked to see what they're cookin' up.

The Condemned Mine Trail is already a great scare, with all the trimmings of a traditional "Haunted Trail", but in a much more enclosed and immersive experience.