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Haunterview: Phelps Haunted House


By Octoberic

2019 Haunterview: The Phelps Haunted House.

Eric spoke with Jonas, the bottom line at the Phelps Haunted House, about 54 minutes from Syracuse.

Jonas has ten or so years of experience in haunted house work, including a previous haunt in Clifton Springs. Jonas has always seen himself as a Halloween junkie. After serving this great nation in the Military, Jonas settled down and started a family. His home has had displays of various sizes. He got into doing haunted houses as a way to help his community and raise money for other programs. In the past, he did a haunt that was only a single dollar donation and through the course of a weekend, they raised nearly $1,000. This has helped him grow this passion to a larger venue in Phelps, NY.

What sort of theme or characters can people expect? "The Phelps Haunted House is embracing “Nightmares” as a theme base for 2019. It takes you from one scene to the next, embracing your nightmares. Each volunteer, ranging in age from 16 to their 40’s, has been tasked with character development. Once being shown an area to work and given some ideas, he or she develops their character from there. Jonas said that, thus far, he has not been disappointed. Phelps also has different actors on Friday vs Saturday so you won’t see the same ones from one night to the next".

What is your cost of admission? "Admission is $5 at the door. There’s also a deal on Groupon for B1G1F or B2G2F".

What is your site history and size? Do you make a charitable donation?

"The Phelps Haunted House sets on what was once a Church back in the 1800’s. From there, it became a library before turning into an art center. Jonas hopes to revitalize the building so be used for events and special occasions and has worked to help secure grants for this project. Thus far, the haunt has exceeded 3500 square feet however, once inside the construct, you’d never know it".