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Review: CMC Haunted House 2019- Phobia


By Octoberic

Ok, children. Grab your butt and plant it in a safe space because we've got a little story to tell.

Up around Syracuse in the nice place called Cicero there sits a dance studio called CMC Dance, and they do some awesome stuff. Just imagine for a sec how good they are.

"Oh, how good are they Mr. Octoberic"?

Well, Heck, they're heading to nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC. Yeah, that good.

Now consider this. They do a haunted house. Even more to consider is that, though I've never seen them dance, I'm thinking it's good. I mean, if it's half as good as their haunted house they're awesome. Forget that reality TV. It's a waste of time. Instead, slide on over to CMC Dance for a stroll through their presentation of Phobias.

"Is it scary Mr. Octoberic"?

Yeah, it's scary. It's bone chilling. It's phobiastic.

This group of dancers and parents take a healthy serving of our inner most phobias and twist it with some mainstream big screen classics and put that shizzy stuff right in your face. From Hannibal the Cannibal to Georgie and that kid that lost his head, CMC brings it to life, death, and someplace in between.