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Haunterview: CMC Haunted House


Octoberic caught up with Christina L., of CMC Haunted House to get the low down on where they started, what's new this season, and beyond...

CMC dance has been a Syracuse area favorite for some time. What or who do you credit that success to? How do you find new talent every season?

We credit the success to our ever changing ideas and talented staff that knows how to bring it to life. All our talent comes from our dance students and their families. Each brings their individual creativity and strength to the characters they play in the HH. A lot of what we do starts with some crazy idea and the rest of the team says, "Sorry, but we don't know how to do that." From there, the challenge is taken and we begin to figure out how to bring the impossible to life. It is a huge sense of victory when we pull off something that we were first told we couldn't do or that seems really cinematic.

What can haunt goers expect to see this season vs last season? What does Phobias have locked away that's inventive? Brand new technology and advanced lighting and sound effects. The parents really outdid themselves this year! We feel we covered as many phobias we could cover realistically. Everyone has something different that bothers them the most, so we shamelessly took advantage of that. The problem is that some of our staff won't go in the room that matches their phobia. It says a lot that even though we may know the room and know the "scare," we still won't go in that area. That is a phobia at work!

Who presented the idea for the dance studio to put together a haunted house? Our Haunted House all began when we purchased our property and saw the unique building structures located on the property. The buildings were so cool, yet creepy inside and since Halloween is such a popular holiday with many of our students, staff and their families, it seemed like the next progression for us to develop them further into what we have today. It gave u