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Review: Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park 2019


Upon approaching Frightmare Farms it was clear this was the place to be. Their parking lot was full, and we were directed to an overflow lot. The Overflow lot was a few blocks away with cars lining the streets all the way there as we passed groups of giggling scare-seekers making their way to the park. Entering Frightmare Farms is always a treat for my senses. As you approach, you hear the sounds of screams, laughter, and chainsaws. A combination you just don't hear anywhere else in life.

The main entry gives you a bird's-eye view of what you are in for. As you descend down a winding path into a wooded valley, string lights from tree to tree illuminate a veritable festival of fear replete with concessions, fire pit, horror movies on a large screen, and monstrous freaks milling about. Excited guests queue up for tickets as others grab the opportunity for a photoshoot with the Frightmare photographer. There just isn't any place like it.

Any place worth going, is going to have a line. At Frightmare, multiple ticket booths with friendly staff, move crowds efficiently through, and roaming actors entertain while you're waiting in the queue lines for the attractions and throughout the park. One standout is Xavier. A mad-hatter-ish freak with a top hat and filthy stuffed doll. He's not as scary as he is insane, and he’s a true asset to the park. Much like an actor at a renaissance fair, or at Disney or Universal Studios, Xavier never breaks character. He makes you feel welcome, and perhaps most insidiously, he does an amazing job of bringing your guard down before you enter the attraction.

This year, Frightmare Farms has three featured attractions; The Haunted House (aka the Professor's Estate), The Labyrinth, and The Condemned Mine Trail.

It's tempting to assume that a place will have one great attraction and a couple add-ons to make extra money. Assuming that would be entirely wrong with Frightmare Farms. Each one is its own full length, unique experience. We’ve heard rumors of expansion next year, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store….