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Haunterview: Terror Field, Clyde, NY


By Octoberic

At just about 45-50 minutes from Syracuse, Terror Field in Clyde, NY isn't too far to get some frights from an attraction that has paid it's dues for several years. Octoberic compiled some questions to get to the bottom of whats causing all those screams, in Clyde, NY...

1. You've spent a few years doing Hillbilly Hell. What makes Stabbin Cabin different?

Stabbin Cabin focuses more on fears, controversy, and even more intensity than hillbilly help. We have added more detail, more effects, more blood, more nasty smells… haha We use sensory to enhance your experience.

2. You have some of the best effects around. How do these ideas come to life? Who creates it? Who or what inspires it?

The effects we use come from our own twisted minds most of the time. We do use movie influence on some of the general concepts but use no movie characters. We aren’t like most places because we have original characters and themed rooms based on those characters. We like to push it sometimes, and we do have a couple controversial areas but can’t please everyone! What everyone has to remember is essentially we are putting on a mini movie or play and it’s not real. Yeah, it may be offensive but no different than what you may see on tv. If we offended you or made you think what the f*ck??? We did our job then! Most of the creating or build is done by the owners but we do allow the actor to put his or her own twist on certain areas. Without the actors where would a haunt be and they really make our rooms and effects come to life and give you that full experience.

3. Terror Field is a Fingerlakes favorite with customers from all over. Who comes to mind when you think of memorable customers?

Well we have been doing this quite a while. I’ve seen 6 foot 3 guys cower a