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NYS Covid-19 Fall Business Guidelines Announced

Technically, the announcement mentioned 'Agritourism' businesses, which Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking, Corn Mazes, etc. These are of course fall-fun activities, but the mentioned of Haunted Attractions in this announcement is what caught our attention.

The info most pertinent to Scraycuse readers is as follows:


Hayrides - permitted consistent with Public Transportation guidance and the following conditions:

  • Mandatory face coverings

  • Social distance required between individuals/parties

  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails, cleaned and sanitized between rides


Haunted Houses - permitted consistent with Low Risk Indoor Arts and Entertainment guidance and the following conditions:

  • Reduced capacity

  • Face coverings required

  • Social distance maintained between individuals/parties


We're not sure weather this is a welcome annoucement, or a nail-in-the-coffin to many attractions. I'll address our own concerns to each bullet point...

  • Mandatory face coverings: This was to be expected for guests, but does this mean someone wearing a monster-mask with breathing holes has to also have an additional face covering like a medical mask under that? I so appreciate the working conditions these folks deal with in regular years, this sounds tough.

  • Reduced Capacity: This makes it very difficult to maintain a profitable business model, in an industry fueled much more by passion than revenue already. Godspeed to all my haunting friends.

  • Cleaning and sanitizig between rides: This is another one that I somewhat expected, but the surfaes on a Haunted Hayride arounde